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La Nobiltà Nera e gli Illuminati.

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Risultati immagini per black nobility

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Risultati immagini per black nobility bloodline

Risultati immagini per black nobility bloodline

Around AD1400, European power centers coalesced into two camps:
  • the Ghibellines, who supported the Emperors Hohenstaufen family
  • the Guelphs, from Welf, the German prince who competed with Frederick for control of the Holy Roman Empire
The Pope allied himself with the Guelphs. All modern history stems directly from the struggle between these two powers.

The Guelphs are also called the NeriBlack Guelphs, or Black Nobility, and supported William of Orange in his seizure of the throne of England, which eventually resulted in the formation of the Bank of England and the East India Company, which would rule the world from the 17th century. All coup d’etats, revolutions and wars in the 19th and 20th centuries are centered in the battle of the Guelphs to hold and enhance their power, which is now the New World Order.

The power of the Guelphs would extend through the Italian financial centers to the north of France in Lombardy (all Italian bankers were referred to as "Lombards"). Lombard in German means "deposit bank", and the Lombards were bankers to the entire Medieval world. They would later transfer operations north to Hamburg, then to Amsterdam and finally to London.

The Guelphs would start the slave trade to the colonies. The Guelphs, in order to aid their control of finance and politics, would perpetuate gnostic cults which eventually developed into the Rosicrucians, Unitarians, Fabian Society and the World Council of Churches. The East India company, together with John Stuart Mill, would finance the University of London.

Here are the Saturnalian Brotherhood descendants - The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati, teaching the worship of a universal struggle between the forces of light and of darkness:

The Black Nobility earned its title through dirty tricks, so when the population revolted against the monopolies in government, as anywhere else, the leaders of the uprising were quickly seized and brutally hanged. They use secret assassinations, murder, the bankrupting of opposing citizens or companies, kidnapping and rape. So, who are these families?

The most important ones are:
  • House of Guelph (Britain)
  • House of Wettin (Belgium)
  • House of Bernadotte (Sweden)
  • House of Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)
  • House of Oldenburg (Denmark)
  • House of Hohenzollern (Germany)
  • House of Hanover (Germany)
  • House of Bourbon (France)
  • House of Orange (Netherlands)
  • House of Grimaldi (Monaco)
  • House of Wittelsbach (Germany)
  • House of Braganza (Portugal)
  • House of Nassau (Luxembourg)
  • House of Habsburg (Austria)
  • House of Savoy (Italy)
  • House of Karadjordjevic (Yugoslavia)
  • House of Wurttemberg (Germany)
  • House of Zogu (Albania)
As well as the ones you will find on the Family Tree of the Windsors. (Black Nobility Unmasked Worldwide, Dr. John Coleman, 1985)

All the families listed are connected with the House of Guelph, one of the original Black Nobility families of Venice from which the House of Windsor and thus the present Queen of England, Elisabeth II, descends.

The Guelphs are so intertwined with the German aristocracy through the House of Hanover that it would take several pages to mention all their connections. As you can see in this family tree, almost all European royal houses originate from the House of Hanover and thus from the House of Guelph - the Black Nobility. The Hanoverian English King George I came from the Duchy of Lunenberg, a part of Northern Germany, which had been governed by the Guelph family since the 12th century.

Today the Guelphs rule by dominating the raw materials market, and for years they have fixed the price of gold, a commodity they do neither produce nor own. The House of Windsor also controls the price of copper, zinc, lead and tin. And as you will see, it is no accident that the principle commodity exchanges are located in London. Companies run by Black Nobility families are British Petroleum, Oppenheimer, Lonrho, Philbro and others.

Another Black Nobility family are the Grosvenors in England. For centuries this family lived - as most of the European royal families - on ground rent. Today the family owns at least 300 acres of land in the center of London. The land is never sold, but leased on a 39 year leasehold agreement - the ground rent of the middle ages.

Grosvenor Square, in which the American Embassy is located, belongs to the Grosvenor family, as does Eaton Square. In Eaton Square apartments are rented out at 25,000 pounds a month, and that does not include maintenance costs. This will give you some idea of the immense wealth the Black Nobility families garner from ground rents, and why families like the Windsors are not at all interested in industrial progress along with the excess population it supports. This is the only reason why these "noble" families are behind most, if not all, of the wrong-headed Pro-environmental movements of the world that ultimately and covertly aim to curb population growth.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most visible symbols of these movements and both have often spoken with the utmost callousness about the need to rid the world of unwanted people. (Black Nobility Unmasked Worldwide, Dr. John Coleman). So why do l mention the Black Nobility?

Because they are the founders of THE secret society of our day from which all the others are connected to the Illuminati originated from - the "Committee of 300". As I will show you, the Club of Rome, the CFR, the RIIA, the Bilderbergers, the UN, the Round Table… all originate from the "Committee of 300" and therefore from the European Black Nobility families.
Well, here comes the most important point. Dr. Coleman has been perfectly right up to here.

He thinks that the European Black Nobility is the cause of all that is wrong. But, since at least the 17th century absolutely every European royal house has been infiltrated by JEWS. The House of Hanover seems to be German, but it is Jewish. So is the House of Habsburg.

So it wasn't really the Germans who took over the British throne. Brilliant, isn't it? (Sources: "Semi Goter" by Phillip Stauff and "Judenblut im deutshen Adel" - Jewish Blood in German Nobility by Otto Furst von Batailler)

Co-operating with the European Black Nobility are American families like the Harrimans and the McGeorge Bundys.


Before dealing with England at all, we have to clarify a few terms.

The QUEEN is the head of the Royal family, with the British colonial empire - with London as its capital - governed by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

But just like the Vatican being within Rome, there is a separate, independent state within London, the CITY. The CITY, which is called the richest square mile in the world, occupies just about that area in the heart of London (2.7 square Km.). It is said to have about 4,600 inhabitants and about a million jobs.

The government of the CITY is THE CROWN, comprised of thirteen members and led by the King of the CITY, the LORD MAYOR. Here one finds the richest and mightiest economic institutions of England, like the "Bank of England" controlled by the Rothschilds, Lloyd's of London, the London Stock Exchange, the offices of many international merchant companies and Fleet Street, the center of newspapers and publishing.

The CITY does not belong to England. It is subject of neither the monarch nor the government of British Parliament. The CITY is the true government of England, as both the Queen and the Prime Minister are subordinate to the Lord Mayor and listen to him. By the façade of a Prime Minister and a cabinet the impression is given that these decide what happens, yet that are just puppets of the CITY.

If the Queen visits the CITY, she is met by the Lord Mayor at "Temple Bar" the symbolic gate to the CITY. She bows and asks permission to enter his private and sovereign state. He shows his approval by handing her the state sword. At state visits like this the Lord Mayor in his robe and chain eclipses the Queen, and her entourage are restricted to ordinary street clothes. Then he proceeds to lead the Queen who goes two steps behind him into the CITY.

As I mentioned earlier, the founding of the "Bank of England" was instigated by William Paterson who was a CITY agent. According to Des Griffin, the CITY is controlled by the Rothschild empire.

Thus, in order to void misinterpretations, we have to realize that in Great Britain there are two separately acting empires - the colonial empire under the royal family and the empire of the Crown. All colonies with a white population (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa) were under the authority of the English government. All other colonies (India, Egypt, Bermuda, Malta, Singapore, HongKong, Gibraltar and the Central African colonies) were the private property of the CROWN, so-called CROWN COLONIES.

Of course there was co-operation, because the Windsor family is part of and the City belongs to the Black Nobility. During the building of the Empire the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY (BEIC) made an immense fortune with the opium trade. The BEIC established the "China Inland Mission" whose main task was to get Chinese cheap laborers dependent on opium to create a market for their wares.

Members of the British royal family were so impressed by the immense profits that they collaborated with the BEIC. They began by taxing the opium producers in India. Huge amounts of opium were shipped from India on the "China Tea Clippers", and around 13% of India's income under the CROWN came from selling pure Bengal opium in China, supervised by them.
Surely the court did not want this shady episode exposed.


The MI6 goes back to Queen Elisabeth I under whom Sir Francis Walsingham became treasurer for the "Dirty Tricks" department of the MI6. Due to its several centuries of experience the MI6 is counted among the best secret services of the world. The BEIC was market leader in the opium trade until Chinese government prohibited the smoking of opium in 1729.
From 1791 to 1894 the number of licensed opium plantations grew under the Crown from 87 to 663. This finally led to the Opium War in China.

In 1729 the BEIC, as an arm of the Black Nobility, founded the "COMMITTEE OF 300" to simplify the handling of banking and commercial transactions. Today the "Committee of 300" is one of the most important secret organizations and is also working towards a "One World Government". It is the so-called elite from the CITY. Later this "Committee of 300" developed tactics to overcome the Chinese anti-drug laws.

LORD INCHCAPE established the "P&O Shipping Company" and was the actual founder of the "Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank" that helped in covering up the opium trade. Other British banks involved in the drug trade are the British Bank of the Middle East, The Midland Bank, The National Westminster Bank, Barclays Bank, The Royal Bank of Canada and Baring Brothers Bank. All these banks are linked to the Rothschild banks by the "Committee of 300".

When the Harriman railroad was being constructed to link California with the East of the U.S. thousands of Chinese cheap laborers were transshipped to work on the tracks. Many were already dependent on opium, and thus the market was extended to the U.S. HARRIMAN founded his railroad empire with financing from the "N.M. Rothschild & Sons Bank" in London.

There are good reasons to deduce that the Chinese opium-dependent laborers were intentionally used to extend the opium market to the U.S.

Remarks on Today's Situation:
The Neue Solidaritat wrote in an article titled "The Queen and Narcotics" in its edition of September 8, 1993:

"It is rare, indeed, a pleasant surprise, to read in the British press news about the court that comes close to the truth. Last week such an item vied with the headlines on the front page of the London Times of August 27, 1993. The headline: "The Royal Family was ‘High' in the Highlands".
The article, based on a carefully researched report in the Scottish magazine Leopard, discloses that drugs and narcotics were used as a matter of course.

From original documents the Leopard proved the Queen Victoria and her entourage, often the Churchill and Rothschild families, had standing orders fro sizeable quantities of cocaine, heroin and other narcotics with a highland pharmacy. The Times averred the same.

It said:
"Queen Victoria, the monarch with the severe mien, well-known for her "We are not amused" seems to have ordered enough cocaine and heroin for her Balmoral estate in Scotland to keep a whole Highland valley ‘high'."
The papers of the pharmacy "show that the Royals and their guests were regularly supplied with considerable amounts of cocaine and heroin solutions."


Because of the many anti-Jewish laws in Europe, many Jews had no property and thus were forced to travel around.

Whatever country they elected to be in, they encountered a closed front against them. At the end of the 19th century Czarist Russia was the only real obstacle left against the Illuminati ruling the world.

In 1881 Theodor Herzl, a Khazar Jew, again, founded the ZIONIST MOVEMENT in Odessa, Russia, in order to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

At a B'NAI B'RITH meeting in New York in 1916, Jacob Schiff, president of the Kuhn Loeb & Co. Bank, was elected president of the revolutionary "Zionist Movement in Russia". On January 13, 1917, the Jew LEON TROTSKY (formerly Bronstein) arrived in the U.S. and received an American passport. He was seen on occasion to enter the palatial residence of JACOB SCHIFF.

In their meetings they talked about the Zionist unrest in Russia, also about what was learned from the unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Czar. Jacob Schiff financed the training of Trotsky's rebels who were mainly Jews from New York's East End and who were trained on a plot in New Jersey belonging to Rockefeller's STANDARD OIL COMPANY.

When they had become proficient in guerrilla warfare, Trotsky's rebels left the U.S., with 20 million U.S.$ from Jacob Schiff, on the SS Kristianisfjord for Russia, there to start the Bolshevik Revolution, so the Khazars could get Russia back.

Trotsky and Lenin were both linked to the Committee of 300 by Bruce Lockhart.


Let us now examine a most powerful organization of the Illuminati in the U.S., the SKULL & BONES order.

Its own members call it simply "The Order", it has been known for more than 150 years as "Local 322" of a German secret society. Others call it the "Brotherhood of Death".

The secret order of SKULL & BONES was established at YALE UNIVERSITY in 1833 by WILLIAM HUNTINGTON RUSSEL and ALPHONSO TAFT. Russel brought it in 1832 from his student days in Germany. In 1856 the order was incorporated into the Russel Trust. In 1864 WILLIAM RUSSEL became a member of the assembly of Connecticut and in 1862 he became General of the National Guard.

ALPHONSO TAFT became Secretary of War in 1870 (?), then U.S. Attorney General in 1876 and in 1884 U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Alphonso's son William was appointed Chief Justice and later elected PRESIDENT of the U.S.

It is an old tradition to mark the tombstones of Freemasons with the Master degree with a skull and crossbones, a tradition also harking back to the time of the Knights Templar after 1127 A.D. Perhaps the order's name comes from one of these traditions. Yale is the only university with societies that are only open to seniors.

The other two societies at Yale are the SCROLL & KEY and the WOLF'S HEAD.

The candidates are exclusively white, male, Protestant and usually from very rich families. Often the fathers were already members in the same order. During the last year of study they are called KNIGHT and later - for life - PATRIARCH.

The reunions of Patriarchs take place at the DEER ISLAND CLUB in New York. This club was founded in 1907 by the Patriarch George Douglas. The Deer Island Club is exclusively run by Patriarchs, as is the Russel Trust.

The most important members of the Eastern Liberal Establishment surprisingly have always been members of one of these societies. THE EASTERN LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT is - according to Gary Allen - a circumlocution for the financial, political, academic and media-political Mafia bossed by the ROCKEFELLERS.

Here one should mention the W.A. Harriman Company. The founder of this bank, William Averell Harriman was initiated into the Skull & Bones order in 1913. In the Twenties Harriman was the main supporter of the Russians with funds and diplomatic aid. Harriman had further support by the first Soviet commercial bank, the RUSKOMBANK. MAX MAY, vice-president of the Guaranty Trust and a member of the Skull & Bones, was the first vice-president of the Ruskombank.

The Guaranty Trust was controlled by J.P. Morgan & Co. the partner bank of the N.M. Rothschild Bank.

Some partners of J.P. Morgan were Skull Bones members: Harold Stanley, initiated in 1908, Thomas Cochran, initiated in 1904. The original capital for the Guaranty Trust came from the Whitneys, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and Harrimans, all families with members in the Skull & Bones order.

PERCY ROCKEFELLER was the only Rockefeller accepted. He represented the Rockefeller investment in the Guaranty Trust and was its director from 1915 to 1930.

A short summary of the banks just mentioned:
The N.M. Rothschild & Sons had its main branches in London, Paris, Vienna and Berlin. Already then the Rothschilds not only controlled the CITY of London, thus the Crown colonies and the British Government, but also French government, the Committee of 300, the Bavarian Illuminati and so all the secret lodges in Europe and the U.S. infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati. Together with their representatives in the U.S. - the Kuhn Loeb & Co. (director: Jacob Schiff), the August Belmont & Co. and the J.P. Morgan & Co. - and the M.M. Warburg Gesellschaft in Hamburg and Amsterdam they built up - among others Rockefellers Standard Oil empire, Harriman's railroad and Carnegie's steelworks and thereby controlled the greatest part of the American economy.
The banks just mentioned are among the most powerful in the world and are all controlled by Rothschild.

And these were just the "modest" beginnings of the Rothschild empire, as we are about to see.

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