martedì 5 aprile 2016

Fairytales. Enchanted forest

Forest Arches, Ben Andrews:

Fairy with mouse Handsculpted OOAK Art Doll Fairy by NenufarBlanco:

This magical underwater ladder isn't where you think it is!:


Fairy Among The Lilies:




Forest faerie:

Landvættir (“land wights”) are spirits of the land in Norse mythology and in Germanic paganism. They protect and promote the flourishing of the specific places where they live, which can be as small as a rock or a corner of a field, or as large as a section of a country.:

When I think of fairies, this is what I see.:

Which wonderful color of Autumn most matches your spirit?........

made in russia, Russian fairy tale illustration:

Miks' Pics "Vintage Architecture" board @

Irish Tales of the Fairies by Jeremiah Curtin – BRIARWOOD:

Oonagh is an ancient Irish Goddess. She is known as the queen of the fairies and the Goddess of nature, love and relationships.:

jardim do palácio da pena, portugal :):

pena national palace, portugal: