sabato 14 settembre 2013

The eternal elegance of wide leg pants and trousers.

If I were a woman, one of my most favorite clothing, would be the wide leg pants for almost a dozen valid reasons.

1) They never go out of fashion! They are a classic, an evergreen! Immortal and undying!

(Katharine Hepburne)

2) There lend themselves to an unlimited number of outfis both in fall-winter...

...and in spring-summer season.

3) They are naturally elegant and classy

3) They permit to obtain original outfits in very simple ways.

4) They are perfect for a professional look for a perfect business woman.

5) Thery are very comfortable.

6) They are suitable for every sort of body. 

(Kourtney Kardashian)

7) They are versatile and adaptable for any kind of form, color and fabric

8) Thery can be very sexy...

.... even in the super wide leg version

9) They can be a complete suit / dress like this here under

10) The most fashionable models wear very oftet wide leg pants, like, for example, Olivia Palermo

Did I persuade you, girl, to wearing this amazing, stunning, wonderful wide-leg pants?