venerdì 27 maggio 2016

Mappa della guerra civile in Libia nel maggio 2016

Libyan Civil War.svg

Current military situation (as of 30 April 2016)
  Controlled by the Council of Deputies and Libyan National Army
  Controlled by the Government of National Accord and Allies
  Controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  Controlled by the BenghaziDerna and Ajdabiya Shura councils
  Controlled by Misrata District local tribal milita forces
  Controlled by the Tuareg forces

Mappa ed estensione dell'Isis nel maggio 2016

Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese insurgencies.png

Military situation as of May 1, 2016, in theIraqiSyrian, and Lebanese conflicts.
  Controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  Controlled by the Iraqi government
  Controlled by the Syrian government
  Controlled by the Lebanese government
  Controlled by Iraqi Kurdistan forces
  Controlled by Syrian Kurdistan forces
  Controlled by Syrian opposition forces
  Controlled by al-Nusra Front
  Controlled by Hezbollah
Note: Iraq and Syria contain large desert areas with limited populations. These areas are mapped as under the control of forces holding roads and towns within them.

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