mercoledì 20 gennaio 2016

Il gatto quotidiano

Un meraviglioso esemplare di Maine Coon Silver Tabby

Cani e gatti

Non bisogna fidarsi delle persone a cui non piacciono i gatti


Top 5 Smallest Cat Breeds | 5 of 5 | Munchkins are bred to emphasize their dwarfism. These adorable shorties are also one of the smallest cat breeds weighing in between 5-9 pounds.:

Can I have one? It's called a Munchkin Cat. : ):

Foto: Romeo and Juliet

Ehi, non è come pensi, posso spiegare tutto...


Fairytales. Wonderland

Fairytales Come To Life In Magical Photos by Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva:

TOP 10 Stunning Fairytale Photos By Margarita Kareva #ParT 2-Heres a Russian woman for u Wren...Breathtakingly beautiful.:

purple door

Dragon Passion Glass:


lady peacock children's books available on iBookstore/ipad/iPhone by Margaret Hardway kings and queens horses in carriages flying cats superheroes multi-mediatalking -opera singing funny characters over 50 buttons to press and hear awesome illustrations to sparkle the children's imaginations....margaret hard way:

This First Photo Stunned Me... But That Was Nothing Compared To The Rest. This Is Incredible.:

Obernai, Alsace,France:

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come." - Joseph Campbell:

Map of the Fairy Tale Lands:

Prior Park, Bath, England: