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Indis is the second wife of Finwë, High King of the Noldor Elves, and is herself one of the Vanyar Elves. The birth of his son Fëanor drained so much of the spirit of Finwë's first wife Míriel that she was forced to depart for the gardens of Lórien. Finwë and Indis had two sons, Fingolfin and Finarfin, and two daughters, Findis and Irimë. She further became stepmother to Fëanor. After her husband was murdered by Melkor, who then stole the Silmarils, she and her eldest daughter Findis returned to live among her people, the Vanyar Elves. Either she herself or her mother was a sister of Ingwë, High King of the Vanyar. She was the grandmother of Galadriel, who plays an important role in The Lord of the Rings.