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Mappa della battaglia di Aleppo nella guerra civile siriana

Rif Aleppo2.svg

2016 Aleppo campaign (within Northern Syria).svg

Map of Northern Syria during the offensive, with the area shown within the Aleppo City map marked by the box.
Date25 June 2016[16] – present
(2 months, 1 week and 5 days)
  • Army captures Castello road, besieging rebel-held areas of Aleppo[17][18][19]
  • Army captures the al-Layramoun,[20] Bani Zeid[21] and Ashrafiyah districts,[22] and advances in the al-Khalidiyah district
  • Rebels capture the Artillery Academy and Ramouseh district, cutting the government's main supply line[23]
  • Rebel counter-offensive opens a new unsecured corridor via the Ramouseh district,[24][25][26] which eventually comes under Army fire-control[27]
  • Army uses an alternative supply route via the Castello Road[28]
  • Army recaptures the Artillery Academy, again besieging rebel-held areas of Aleppo[29]

 Syrian Democratic Forces(27–30 July;[9] 12 August–present[10])
Supported by:
Turkey Turkey[15]
Commanders and leaders
 Fahd Jassem al-Freij[30]
(Minister of Defense)
 Maj. Gen. Suheil Al Hassan[31]
(Tiger Forces chief commander)
 Maj. Gen. Adib Mohammed[32]
(Head of Aleppo security committee, replaced)
 Maj. Gen. Zaid Saleh[32]
(Replacement head of Aleppo security committee)
 Brig. Gen. Deeb Bazi [33][34]
(Airforce Technical Base commander)
 Brig. Gen. Asif Kheir Bek (DOW)[35]
(Artillery School commander)
 Gen. Yasir Muhsin Miya [36]
(Syrian Army commander)
 Gen. Muhammad Ali Sharbo [36]
(Syrian Army commander)
 Suleiman al-Shwakh[37]
(Desert Commandos commander)
 Mudar Makhlouf[7]
(Military Security Shield Forces commander)
 Maj. Abolghassem Zahiri (WIA)[1]
(102nd Imam Hossein Battalion commander)
 Ahmad Gholami [3]
(Iranian paramilitary commander)
 Haj Sameer Ali Awada [38]
(Hezbollah top commander, alleged)
 Ali Muhammad Mustafa Khalil [39]
(Imam Hujja Regiment commander)
Unknown Liwa Fatemiyoun commander [1]

 Zoran Birhat[40]
(YPJ senior commander)
 Sharvan Efrin[40]
(YPG commander)
 Unknown YPG commander [41]
 Maj. Yasser Abd al-Rahim[42]
(official leader of Fatah Halab)
 Ammar Shaaban [43]
(Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki top commander)
 Abu ‘Abdo Saroukh [44]
(Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki commander)
 Col. Mohammad Bakkar [45]
(Sham Legion top commander)
 Zuheir Harba [46]
(Sham Legion field commander)
 Feisal Balkash [47]
(Sham Legion commander)
 Ahmad Al-Hayek [48]
(Jaysh al-Islam commander)
 Kamal Ahmad [48]
(8th Brigade commander)
Abdel-Rahman Mansour [46]
(Islamic Safwah Movement commander)
 Yusuf Zo'ah  [49]
(Army of Mujahideen general commander)
 Hammoud Al-Barm [50]
(Army of Mujahideen commander)
 Abdullah al-Muhaysini[51]
(Jabhat Fateh cleric and leader)
 Abu Al-Muthanna  [48]
("Inghimassiyeen" commander)
 Abu Faysal Al-Halabi [52]
(Jabhat Fateh top commander)
 Abu Madeen Al-Askri [53]
(Jabhat Fateh top commander)
 Abu Khaled Al-Libi [53]
(Jabhat Fateh top commander)
 Abu Hurirah Mutana’a [53]
(Jabhat Fateh top commander)
 Abu Muhammad Al-Turkestani [54]
(Jabhat Fateh top commander)
 Mohammad Al-Haj Abboud [48]
(Jabhat Fateh field commander)
 Abdel Qader Na’asani  [48]
(Jabhat Fateh commander)
 Mohammad Hassan Al-Khatib [55]
(Jabhat Fateh commander)
 Haytham Al-Darwish [55]
(Jabhat Fateh commander)
 Abu Mohammad Al-Nashimi [56]
(Jabhat Fateh commander)
 Abu Ahmad Al-Souri [56]
(Jabhat Fateh commander)
 Abu Al-Bara’a Al-Hamwi [56]
(Jabhat Fateh commander)
 Abu Mohammad Al-Sari [57]
(Ahrar al-Sham top commander)
 Abu Saleh (WIA)[54]
(Ahrar al-Sham top commander)
 Mustafa Al-Bayyour [58]
(Ahrar al-Sham top commander)
 Hossam Abu Bakr[59]
(Ahrar al-Sham commander)
 Abu Al-Leith [60]
(Ahrar al-Sham commander)
 Khattab Abou Ahmad [61]
(Abu Amara Brigades chief commander)
 Yassin Najjar [62]
(Abu Amara Brigades commander)
 Abu Hamza Al-Shami [48][55]
(5th Brigade commander)
 Saif Allah [63]
(Ahrar al-Sham tank commander)
 Ali Hamam [14]
(Ajnad al-Sham top commander)
 Wa’el Diyab (WIA)[14]
(Ajnad al-Sham commander)
 Abu Leith al-Tunisi [64]
(Ansar al-Islam commander)
Units involved
IRGC-Seal.svg IRGC
  • Isfahan division
    • 102nd Imam Hossein Battalion[1]
  • Alborz division[1]
 Hezbollah units
  • Radwan Forces[68]
  • Syrian Hezbollah groups
    • Imam Mahdi Brigade[69]
    • National Ideological Resistance[39]
    • Imam Hujja Regiment[39]
 Unknown number of soldiers, 100+ tanks, 400+ BMPs[32]
  • 400 Military Security Shield Forces fighters[7]
 c. 2,000 al-Nujaba fighters[6]
Russia 120+ Naval Infantry advisors, several BMPs[8][74]
8,000–10,000+ fighters[32][75]
  •  2,500+ Jabhat Fateh fighters[32]
Casualties and losses
548 killed, 800+ wounded (31 July–15 August)[76]
140+ killed (31 August–4 September)[77]
898 killed, 1,500+ wounded (31 July–15 August)[76]
114 killed (31 August–4 September)[77]