martedì 15 marzo 2016

Fairytales. Elvish style. Art Nuveau.

Risultati immagini per art nouveau vetrata pavoni

Risultati immagini per art nouveau liberty

Wisteria, Tiffany Studios, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Stained Glass, Oyster Bay, NYC, Louis Comfort Tiffany:

Magnolias and Irises, ca. 1908  Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany:

Louis Comfort Tiffany - Landscape Window, 1893-1920, Leaded Glass, Pebbles - Stunning:

ZOOM to large leaded glass Keech Victorian style window:

Casa Comalat ~ Barcelona, Spain:

Art Nouveau - Hotel Hannon - Bruxelles - Serre 'Jardin d'hiver':

Peacock Stained Glass:

stained glass peacock:

Hey, Lois! Can you teach us to do this at our next L.I.F.T. event??:

I am so-oo-oo gorgeous! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than me? (Don't answer that.):

Louis Comfort Tiffany:

Louis Comfort Tiffany Landscape with a Greek Temple, 1900. Stained glass (1848-1933) Cleveland Museum of Art:

Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany  (American, New York City 1848–1933):

gorgeous window♡:

Conservatory! Would love love love this attached to our house!!:

A magical reading nook for Children’s Hospital of Michigan. This piece was designed and executed by TORK.:

Art nouveau door, casa Reus, Spain:

Queen Maude: Evening dress 1910-13:

Art nouveau stained glass balcony: