martedì 4 novembre 2014

Sweater and tie look

The cooling instructions are questionable (and funny!) - place in your garage or fridge to set. Really?!? Your garage?!? Anyway, easy to make and would be great to do with the kiddo.

Hello sweater. I love that it's still formal looking with some dark denim!    #Menswear

Mackintosh Philosophy - S/S 2014

Huge fan of white chinos, however, pairing shoes with white pants takes skill. Stick to browns, black and dark Blue, Matching with belt or tie to bring it all together

I practically have this.

I love the look, but longs sleeve under long sleeve would drive me nuts! Plus I'd sweat my ass off and smell. LoL!

#TheLees (GD132) Mens Slim Fit Collar Point #Button #Cardigan $19.99 Save 30% (Retail: $28.56)

Purificación García acierta de lleno con su lookbook para el Otoño-Invierno 2014/2015

(Via: Olymp Business Callection F/W 2013 Shop the look

All Saints Cardigan, Tie Bar, Similar Here  > Tie, Similar Here  > Satchel, Clubmasters, All Saints Trousers - Two Toned  - #IAMGALLA

Beto Malfacini.  Beto you didn't know a man could smoulder in both specs and a cardie. Latin Clark Kent.

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