martedì 10 novembre 2015

Fairytales. Fairies

La Fatina Verde dell'Assenzio



Oonagh’s themes are fairies, nature, devotion and relationships. Her symbols are all fairy plants, silver and dew. This ancient Irish Queen of the Fairies is also a potent Goddess of magic. In Irish legends, Oonagh is a faithful wife and the most beautiful of all Goddesses, having long silky hair and a robe of silver and dew. Today She brings the fey into our lives to remind us of the unseen worlds and to awaken the child within each of us that dares to dream and wish.:

Beneath the silvery moon, the translucent fairy sets her magical lights to spellbind the lonely traveler . . .EDK:

Fairy Land 1... by KillerBlueEyez on deviantART:


Watercolor Fantasy and Fairy art by Sarah Pauline:

Nene Thomas:


Daybreak faerie:

Elves Faeries Gnomes: #Faery.:

Aladas - The Fairy Queen ~by Elena Dudina:

Fairies by the light of the silvery moon.:

Moon swing:


wolfsgrace:    Daddy, Now you’ve made me cry again. I wasn’t going to come back. But you had to post this picture.  I love you so much. Your moon child loves you. xxx    desertwolfaz:    sweetspin:    Nene Thomas    Moon Princess:

Moon Garden print:

Selina Fenech:

Daydreaming...#faerie #fairy #swing #fantasy #art:

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  1. Veramente delizioso questo post dedicato alle fate! Hai trovato delle immagini una più bella dell'altra!
    La prima è dolcissima, ma in realtà mi piacciono davvero tanto proprio tutte le illustrazioni che hai scelto, sono così delicate e romantiche! :D