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Simboli celtici e loro significato

10_15_Celtic-symbols Celtic Symbols

S_Awen-WM_symbols1 Celtic SymbolsThe Awen is a Celtic word meaning inspiration or essence. The Awen symbol represents inspiration or divine illumination. More here
Brigids-cross-symbol1 Celtic SymbolsBrigid’s Cross has come to be known as the cross of St Brigid but is actually much older than Christianity. More here
celtic-cross-symbols1 Celtic SymbolsCeltic Cross is a symbol of both culture and faith that has inspired many legends. More here
claddagh-ring-symbols Celtic SymbolsCladdagh Ring – symbolises love, loyalty and friendship. More here
Easterlily1 Celtic SymbolsEaster Lily – a mark of respect for Irish nationalists who have died in battle, and a symbol of hope and peace for the future. More here
green_man_symbols Celtic SymbolsThe Green Man is an ancient Celtic symbol that symbolises the coming of Spring and represents rebirth and vegetation. More here
harp-symbols1 Celtic SymbolsHarp – ancient instrument and a national emblem of Ireland. More here
shamrock-symbols Celtic SymbolsShamrock – national flower of Ireland that has had significance in the country since the days of the Druids. More here
S_Single-Spiral-2_symbols Celtic SymbolsSpiral – common natural pattern and to the Celts it represents the sun or the radiation of ethereal energy. More here
tree-of-life-symbols Celtic SymbolsTree of Life symbolises a connection to the other world. More here
triquetra-symbols Celtic SymbolsTriquetra – also known as the Trinity Knot, it symbolises an eternal spiritual life. More here
triskele-symbols Celtic SymbolsTriskele – one of the most ancient Irish symbols, over 5,000 years old. Represents the Celtic belief that everything happen in threes. More here

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